Fancy Gadam's ability is a peril to the general population of Tamale – MCE


The Metropolitan CEO of Tamale, Iddrisu Musah Unrivaled, has portrayed Extravagant Gadam's ability as "a risk" to the general population of Tamale. 

Fancy Gadam &Patorankung

His announcement returns on the of a mischance that killed no less than nine individuals who were en route to the Tamale Air terminal to welcome Extravagant Gadam and Patoranking, who had been charged for a melodic show
The show was planned to happen on Saturday.

In any case, addressing the media following the awful occurrence, the Tamale MCE said he had cautioned Extravagant Gadam and his administration against preparing his fans to surge the lanes yet they have been steady to his direction.

"We are not going to enable one individual to take the entire of Tamale to emancipate. I won't permit that. I have addressed him, I have addressed his administration yet this young fellow would not tune in.
 What's more, I disclose to you his ability is a peril to the general population of Tamale. The astounding ability of this young fellow is a peril to the general population of Tamale. For what reason would you need to activate guiltless individuals in the city since you need to make benefit? You need to utilize the blood of the general population to profit? We won't endure that," he said.

In the wake of this, the MCE also stated that he has banned all concerts at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium until further notice.

"I have prohibited all [musical] shows at the stadium. Not any more melodic shows until the point when additionally take note. We are not going to permit that. He was not coming to pay a politeness approach, my restrained boss. They were everywhere, obstructed the avenues. A great deal of indiscipline in the city," he noted. 

Musah Better likewise took than Facebook to the tirade, saying the buoy by Extravagant Gadam's fans was "unlawful."

In the wake of the accident, the hiplife artiste has called off his concert.
He wrote on his Facebook wall: “My heart is heavy right now, words can’t describe how I feel. I am sorry to announce to you that my show with Patoranking scheduled to come off tomorrow has been postponed indefinitely... I can’t lose my fans and still have the heart to stage a show.”
SOURCE: Graphic online             Fany Gadam cancel's concert

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