GES systems safe after hacking


The Ghana Stock Exchange says investor data with the bourse as well as its information and technology (IT) infrastructure are safe and secured; hours after hackers took down the company’s website and defaced the homepage with an image of a skeletal skull and thigh bones in green colour on a black background.

It says the hacking did not affect any of the GSE core trading application or related IT infrastructure.The hackers, who described themselves as ‘Ali3x3w0rm,’ took charge of the GSE website for 15 minutes before the IT team of the course was able to dis-enable them.It explained that the incident affected only the homepage/index/default page of the GSE website.

“The index page is typically the page of a website that automatically opens first and contains the links to other pages of a website. The hacking did not impact on any underlying data (database, images, text) of the website.
“The website is entirely different from the core trading application and related IT infrastructure. It must be emphasized that the hacking incident reported today did not affect any of the GSE core trading application or related IT infrastructure,” it said.
It added that the exchange has since deleted the malicious folder and restored the site back to normalcy.

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