5 strong reasons why ladies above 30 aren't married.(The late afternoon show)


5 strong reasons why ladies above 30 aren't married. (The late afternoon show).

For some time now, it has become abnormal and seems like a curse if a lady in her 30's is not married. The worst part is if the lady is even employed or well established, it's like the next thing is married if not then a question mark is placed on you.

Your character and family history would be tracked by the society, then there comes the pressure from family, church, friends and a lot more. 

This sensitive issue was discussed on the late afternoon show this week on GhoneTv with Host Berla Mundi and her Guests Victoria N. S. Quaye an entrepreneur and a divorcee, Gloria Sarfo an Actress/Tv presenter, Pearl and Stone a Broadcaster.

Below are the reasons these Guests agreed to;
 Married isn't about age rather mental maturity is keen.

1. Society has created a standard for marriage and that standard is too big than the ladies themselves. This is why people rush into it an end up divorced. "the pressure is too much" Gloria Sarfo

Actress/Tv Presenter Gloria Sarfo

2." Most men want to have s*x with you before they will agree to marry you and that's another factor why most ladies in their 30's are still not married." Gloria Sarfo

Can this be a factor for not being married? I doubt

3. Guys, please let's be bold enough to approach the ladies because they said: "the right guys can't approach the ladies and those who have got the courage are just passing through to add their names to their list". Gloria Sarfo

4. "Today's ladies put themselves under an unhealthy competition based on what they see from a friends wedding and call it pressure. Men don't see it like that." Stone Broadcaster.

This is very true because when a guy is ready to marry a lady, she will say I want my wedding look like this and that. Unnecessary comparison.

5. Don't set too much standard for your future husband. "Ladies of today wants a guy who is already established and that's their problem". "I want a guy who will love and respect me " Victoria N. S. Quaye C.E.O of NAAVIQ company Ltd.

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Author; Felix Kusi Dartey


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