Behind the scenes of John Cena's new movie "Blockers"


John Cena makes the 'Blockers' cast roar with laughter notwithstanding when the camera's not coming in this Selective in the background take a gander at the motion picture's stunning and funny butt-chugging scene.

Blockers is accessible on Blu-Beam and DVD on July 3, and HollywoodLife has a Selective off camera featurette of the Blockers scene that has everybody talking — John Cena's butt-chugging scene. "I've, as, never observed my father alcoholic, so in the event that I saw my father alcoholic by means of butt-chugging, that would be next level," Geraldine Viswanathan, who plays John's onscreen girl, Kayla, says in our Restrictive clasp. You got that right!

In the film, John's character, Mitchell, is tested to a butt-chugging challenge at the gathering his girl and her companions are going to on prom night. For those of you who don't have the foggiest idea, butt-chugging is the demonstration of devouring liquor through his or her rear-end. While taping the comical scene, John keeps everybody snickering when the cameras aren't rolling. He ensures he's the "butt" of each joke. "That is my butt you were taking a gander at," he says to co-star Leslie Mann. She and co-star Ike Barinholtz got a gigantic measurement of John's butt that day!
"The look of alleviation all over that butt-chugging was finished and he wouldn't ever need to do it again was really extraordinary," Blockers executive Kay Gun says in regards to John in our Selective video. The WWE wrestler/on-screen character later includes, "You'll have it on tape now, so you can utilize it against me." John's notorious butt-chugging scene will live on in true to life history until the finish of time. 

The motion picture likewise stars Kathryn Newton, Gideon Adlon, Graham Phillips, Miles Robbins, and Jimmy Bellinger. The Blockers Blu-ray™, DVD, and Advanced element knee-slapping unrated reward content with epic erased scenes, a muffle reel, line-o-Rama, John flaunting a prom survival pack for guardians, thus significantly more!

Behind the scenes of John Cena's new movie "Blockers"

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