Decrease comedy and insults in your motion pictures – Local producers told

Stakeholders in the Ghana Film Industry have been advised to take a second look at the kind of things they project in Ghanaian movies.

Speaking at the second edition of the Ghana film summit in Accra, the Executive Director of National Commision of Culture, Janet E. Nyame, observed that Ghanaian movies dwell so much on comedy and insult.

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“And the worst part of it is the too much of comedy and insults in our local movies”
She further observed that in some instances the movies tend to portray Ghana in a bad light.
“And locally, the kind of movies produced in Ghana depict Ghana is full of witches and demons”.
She said the film is an integral part of the nation for which reason the Ghana Film Industry must not be relegated to the background.
“Film plays a significant role in our life as a society and for that matter, I think it is about time we paid serious attention to the Ghana Film Industry”.
She, therefore, called for a consolidated front in addressing issues that affect the progress of the film industry in the country.
Deputy Minister for Communication, Vincent Sowah, who was also in attendance expressed government’s readiness to support the film industry grow.
The Ghana film summit was organized under the theme “Rebranding Ghana Film Industry to rebrand Ghana” by stakeholders in an attempt to reposition the film industry.
The event brought together most of Ghana’s legendary actors. Members were deemed to have contributed to the sustainability of the Ghana film industry were acknowledged.
They included the late Mac Jordan Amartey, Paa George, Aunty B, Keneth Fiat, Nadia Buari, Jackie Appiah among others.
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