Five things you should NEVER let anywhere near your penis-Guys please take it serious


Five things you should NEVER let anywhere near your p*n*s.

YOU risk penis scarring, erectile dysfunction, and infertility if you do any of these things.

man pants

In a bid to get the most attractive todger out there, some men are going to extreme lengths.
While some are  in odd fashions, others are going under the knife to achieve penis perfection.
Here are  – because they could have very dangerous consequences.
1. Pearls
Some men are willing to go to extreme lengths to improve their love lives.
In some countries, it’s not uncommon for blokes to get object placed inside their penises.
Pearling is a form of body modification that’s believed to create an orgasmic experience in the bedroom.
Rumour has it that this can help to boost sexual pleasure for your female partners, as the sphere stimulates the clitoris during intercourse.
Getting the procedure done is more dangerous than you may think.
The gruesome task involves getting your manhood cut open before the object is placed inside and the penis is stitched up.
There are also many risks associated with the surgery.
Not only can you contract an infection, the practice can also damage the urethra and heighten the chances of 
You’d have to be incredibly brave to 
Not only is the experience a painful one, you could also fall victim to some very unfortunate side-effects.
Like with any inking, infection and skin damage can be a cause for concern.
But many are unaware that you also run the risk of contracting priapism.
The condition occurs when blood fails to exit the penis, leaving it painfully erect for prolonged periods of time.
If you’re desperate to get a tatt down there, you should always check that the tattooist is qualified with plenty of experience.
It’s also advisable to contact your local GP if you notice any side-effects after getting inked.
3. Whitening treatment
Both men and women may notice that their 
During puberty, sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone spike and produce melanin, causing the crotch area to darken.
While this is perfectly normal, some blokes are self-conscious about the color of their todgers.
In countries such as Thailand,  to help men overcome this insecurity.
Following the rise of the bizarre trend, many health experts have spoken out against the practice.
Procedures can apparently cause scarring, inflammation, infection, and spots, so it’s probably best to avoid it altogether.
penis whitening treatment
4. Hair removal cream
We’ve seen a rise in manscaping over the last few years – and some fellas are even braving the Brozilian.
For many, hair removal cream is a great way to de-fuzz areas quickly and without any pain.
While it is perfectly fine to do this on most areas of your body, you should always avoid using these products on your intimate areas.
Ignoring these warnings can have horrific consequences, as explained by Melanie Mari of Bare Skin Studio.
The hair removal expert warned: “Because hair removal creams are strong enough to break down thick body hair—like chest hair or pubic hair—they’re also strong enough to irritate sensitive areas of the skin.
“In fact, I’ve had a couple guys walk into my studio with chemical burns on their testicles after using depilatories down there.”
Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress and can be a cause of erectile dysfunction
5. Your laptop
You don’t have to put yourself through a risky procedure to harm your member.
Tech fans have been warned not to leave their laptops on their crotches for long periods of time.
Numerous studies have linked the heat of the devices to sperm damage, infertility, and .
The bottom of your laptop can reach sweltering temperatures of 31-40C.
Experts believe that this electromagnetic radiation and heat can be damaging to the penis, causing ED.
When researchers from the State University of New York put this theory to the test, they saw that devices were having an impact.
They observed 29 men, noting that there was an increase in their genital temperatures.
While more work needs to be done to prove this theory, it’s best to play it safe.
Try resting your device on a laptop stand or table to avoid any unnecessary heat on your private parts.

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