‘If God is Ghanaian’ shows in August


‘If God is Ghanaian’ shows in August

The producer of rib-cracking stage plays like The Ladder, Flagstaff, and Legon Comedy, Nyansapo Productions is back with another thrilling and hilarious masterpiece titled ‘If God is Ghanaian’.

‘If God is Ghanaian’ tells the story of a compound house with a no-nonsense landlord who collects money to pay bills but does not provide the services the tenants are paying for.
In a house full of men with different professions, how will they cope with the introduction of a mysterious lady on the compound by the landlord?
The play explores the typical landlord-tenant relationship, people from different professions and how they all contribute to the make-up of our society as Ghanaians.
‘If God is Ghanaian’ is a dramatic exposé of the lives of Ghanaians.
It is scheduled to be shown on Saturday, August 4 at the main auditorium of the National Theatre.
The first show is 4pm and the second show is 8pm. The rate is GH¢60 for single and GH¢100 for double.
The play features Clemento Suarez, Foster Romanus, Jeneral Natia, Doctor So, Daniel Delong, Komla Mensa and many more.
Source; 3news.com

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