Kasoa district court has no washroom as judges use the chamber pot.


 The chief justice has expressed shock over the poor state of the Kasoa District court.
Chief Justice
This was made known through an inspection of the facility at the court premises. Sophia Akuffu is on a tour to inspect the state of all court facilities in the country.

The Kasoa District Court does not have a washroom meant for magistrates. This is according to one such magistrate who has disclosed to the chief justice that she has no option than to attend to nature's call on a chamber pot. 

According to Felicia Gandezi, the Kasoa District Court shares the same building with the assembly though they do not have a washroom to ease themselves. Reacting to this development, the chief justice expressed shock over the situation as she wondered how a judge could ease herself on a chamber pot. 

“I haven’t looked at a chamber pot since my daughter was a baby. This is terrible. We should not have accepted this. We should not be sharing facilities with anybody. Kasoa is a very prosperous Municipality, we are going to have to build a purposely designed [court]. We don’t want this…this is totally unsuitable,” she stated.

 To this end, the chief justice says she remains committed to closing down all court buildings that lack state of the art facilities.

Sophia Akufo has been touring some magistrate courts in the country as part of efforts to ensure that legal systems in the country are efficient and independent. This has been one of the major reforms that the chief justice took ever since her appointment by the president. 

Meanwhile, the selection of Sophia Akufo as chief justice raised concerns over her personal relationship with the president and also Nana Addo’s preference for persons who bear his surname, Akufo. Ghana currently has Gloria Akufo as attorney general and now Sophia Akufo as chief justice 
– two resounding end names at two of the most powerful positions of government.

Sophia Akufo has a firm background in law as she has her Masters in Law (LLM) from the Harvard University in America. She is also a member of the governing committee of the chairman of the Alternative Dispute resolution task force of the commonwealth.

Source; Yen.com Kasoa district court has no washroom as judges use the chamber pot.

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