Maame Serwaa's management break barriers in Germany .


Maame Serwaa's management break barriers in Germany .

Management of popular teenage actress, Maame Serwaa, have booked a place in Germany to penetrate the international market. 

The entertainment media house, Silvanus Records, opened a new office in Germany last Tuesday 5th July 2018. The move by Maame Serwaa's management comes just months after she was signed into a five-year contract which included a car and a house.

Maame Serwaa had earlier made it to the big screens of BBC, appearing on a documentary show on BBC where she talked about her career, charity in Ghana and others subject matters.

 The 19-year-old actress had earlier stated in an interview with the BBC that she did not get roles because she slept with producers but rather showed her value and talent as an actress and allowing those attributes to speak for her rather than the roles. 

Maame Serwaa said her positivity allowed her to look over all the negative stories around her. The documentary was shot in Ghana after a crew from BBC UK paid a visit to the actress in Ghana. 


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