My height and body size is a blessing- Actor Yaw Dabo


My height and body size is a blessing- Actor Yaw Dabo.

The Kumawood young and hilarious actor Yaw Dabo said His height and smallish body size is a blessing. 

It is always clear in our society that if someone is very small in body size and even in height, it turns out to be a disability or demerit to that person. Most people look down on them, making them feel inferior and can't even be productive as they should.

For the case of a Ghanaian Kumawood actor Yaw Dabo, this is not a problem for him at all but rather a way that has made popular.
In an interview on the Delay Show he said ;

"Because of my height and body size, I have been able to achieve a lot and I can go to many places that I couldn't have gone if I were to be a giant."
"When I go to places, they welcome me makes me feel great, this is rather a blessing to me and I have never questioned myself, my mother or God of my body size" Yaw Dabo.

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Author; Felix Kusi Dartey 

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