ADAB SOLUTION-The World's first Islamic Cryptocurrency Exchange


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               Obtaining jurisdiction is planned through the registration of FICE, established by ADAB Solutions in Switzerland. This is necessary to make it possible to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money, as well to reduce regulatory risks.

               ADAB tokens by users during ICO.
ICO will be held from 15.08.2018 to15.11.2018.
The initial cost of the ADAB token will be estimated at 0.1USD. The only release of ADAB tokens will occur during the ICO and will essentially be the preliminary sale of access to the
ADAB Solutions services.


            The created deflationary mannequin of the token economy, based totally on the use of the token to access the services of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange and redemption of 10% of the obtained tokens, will significantly amplify the beauty of participation in the ADAB, it is fair to reward participants, thanks to which the venture ought to be implemented.

            Islamic Crypto Exchange in the timeframes defined in Roadmap, and the achievement of HardCap by imposing the accelerated version of development with getting admission to key markets and jurisdictions. 

            As a result, the implementation of the ADAB Solutions task will create a global infrastructure that operates on the concepts of Islamic finance and the neighborhood that regulates the development of Islamiccrypto-economics. 

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         Shekra: crowdfunding platform, founded in Egypt, was launched in November 2012. It solves the problem of financing shortages for start-ups that are too large for incubators, too small for venture capital funds and too risky for banks. 
         To meet the needs of both start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises using the Shekra platform, companies can receive equity financing in the form of Musharaka and a reduced Musharaka.                                                                                                            
         From the point of view of Islamic finance, crowd equity is a significant opportunity to realize the basic expectations of Islamic finance. This is achieved by combining the benefits of social development and investment opportunities, based on the distribution of profits and losses for a wide range of entrepreneurs and investors.

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Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy now and in the future if you join the token today;

       >The cause of the ADAB Solutions assignment is the advent of a crypto -exchange platform, a stock exchange, and services that comply with the norms of the Shariah and function on the standards of Islam.

      >Adab Solutions will be the first venture that will permit performing cryptocurrency transactions in accordance with the concepts of Islamic finance and on the basis of Shariah norms.

      >Objectives and mission of the venture The ADAB Solutions task is developing the FICE- First Islamic Crypto Exchange, based totally on the norms of Shariah.

      >The mission of the ADAB Solutions undertaking is to create stipulations and services based on the high moral and cultural values of Islam and furnish get right of entry to all customers of crypto economics.

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  • Name of the token ADAB
Total number of tokens — 500.000.000
  • The price of the token is 0.1 USD
  • Method of payment — BTC, ETH
  • Soft Cap — 2.500.000 $
  • Hard Cap -17.290.000 $
  • Start — 25.07.2018 year
  • The end is on 15.11.2018
  • The minimum volume of sales — 1000 ADAB

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             ADAB SOLUTION has brought in existence the world's first crypto exchange, which is in line with Sharia law.FICE will be an ordinary answer for the involvement of Muslims and customers of Islamic finance in the cryptocurrency market.
            All the above will contribute to the reality that ADAB SOLUTION will provide unbeatable records and services to the Muslim community about the cryptocurrency market. It will also uplift out well thought about missions, facilitate the involvement of the Muslim fellows in the cryptocurrency market.

For more information about this promising system feel free to click on the following links;


Bitcointalk Username: Togacity

Telegram: @Togacity

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