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Gambling and gaming are currently some of the biggest entertainment industries in the world. In 2014, the global gaming market was valued at $423 billion. The global gambling market is predicted to reach $635 billion

In the EU alone, the industry capped €84.9 billion in 2015, with an annual growth rate of 3%. In 2017, gambling growth was through the roof for major gambling indicators such as Macau. In 2016, Morgan Stanley had predicted.

In 2016, the global online gambling market was worth 44.16 Billion USD. It is projected to be worth 81.71 billion USD in 2022. The projected growth in the industry works out to a 10.8% compound annual growth rate. We believe that this growth rate underestimates the potential growth in the online gambling and gaming market, however, as it does not take into account the mainstream breakthrough of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency in 2017. 


As will be deduced from the higher than statistics, however, the industry remains dominated by physical casinos and gambling institutions.  

On-line gambling accounts for solely slightly a lot of then ten of the international gambling market, indicating that the digital transition is arriving in the gambling business considerably later than alternative massive service and entertainment industries. 

The demand for Blockchain-based casinos has already been evidenced by multiple providers.

 The intelligent implementation of the Blockchain and the security that it provides permit for growth that greatly surpasses that of traditional and current on-line casinos.

This growth potential is primarily a result of the decentralization and security that typify the major cryptocurrencies.



Generally, the kind of casino that has enjoyed the highest level of trust has been the physical gambling institutions that one thinks of when one imagines a casino. They area unit sure as a result of they area unit a lot of simply subjected to government regulation, given that they rely on sensible relations with their jurisdiction to stay in operation.

Digital casinos, that usually lack a physical footprint, have had far less in the way of government quality control and thus have had to offer transparency of their own volition, something that has often been lacking and has damaged the reputation of the entire industry. To avoid this, transparency has become the name of the game in online gaming.

Adoption of a certified RNG

Random numbers are a key aspect of the fairness of the games at any casino.
The correct implementation of RNG ensures that cards, dice, slot game symbols, feature game outputs, jackpot triggers, etc. ar statistically random and unpredictable.

A properly operational RNG device grants players confidence in the vice system and ensures against unwarranted player complaints. 

RNG and Blockchain

The combination of randomness, speed, and the Blockchain is not trivial.
Based on the most cutting-edge developments in this field, it is recommended to use off-Blockchain RNG devices to avoid subjecting the gamers to long waits. 

The Social Element

Cryptocurrency-based casinos that offer access to live games usually do therefore through a third party. A massive digital casino operates the games, and the crypto supplier then processes the token payments via cryptocurrency. The
Alive Casino aims to move beyond this model.

Following its launch, the Alive Casino will immediately begin the next phase of the project: The construction of its own facilities for live games and the training of the staff to run it. This facility will be located in Costa Rica.

Alive Casino takes transparency terribly seriously. From the terribly starting of the token sale, token holders will receive frequent updates from Alive’s official blog and social media channels. Token holders will be able to experience and follow the creation of the company first-hand by reading articles, watching videos, and viewing the footage. Interactive webinars can additionally be a frequent occurrence. 

User Privacy

Users will be required to provide a certain amount of information when they register for the platform. Users can be in a very position to access their account via natural science. However, the most important security feature is the full encoding of all personal data. If the platform were to be hacked, users’ personal data would remain inaccessible to the hackers.


Q1 2018

Market Research analysis

Alive Casino Design and Website

Q2 2018

Alive Token Creation

Alive Software contract

Q3 2018

The core community establishment

Exclusive Private sale

The Alive Casino kickoff

Private Sale to the community

Video Prototype release

Q4 2018

 Virtual-reality technology development


The Alive Token(AL) would be released through a besuited contract on the Ethereum virtual machine.

The besuited contract can release 1,000,000,000 AL Tokens as the total supply;

V-J Day of the total token offer can be distributed to team members. However, these tokens will be locked for one year after the final public token sale.

• Alive will further reserve another 5% of the total supply to fund further research and development. 

• Alive will reserve 3% of the total supply to cover initial operating costs and other expenses incurred during the deployment of the Alive Casino. Potential expenditures this can cowl embrace skilled legal advisors, promoting services, code development, and partnership negotiation. 

• 4% of the total token supply will be used for the initial bankroll of the casino (i.e., to pay winners, provide internal airdrops, run bonus campaigns, and fund special jackpots and poker tournaments). 

• In the bounty campaign, three of the total token supply will be spent.

• The most variety of ALs that can be offered through the exclusive sale, non-public sale, pre-sale and the public sale can be 700,000,000 AL or 70% of the total AL token supply. 

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Symbol: AL

Soft Carp: $10,000,000

Hard Carp : $30,000,000

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Current Token Price: $ 0.015

Technical Specifications:ERC20 Token

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