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       The popularity of cryptocurrencies is developing around the world, as is the activity in them. We can see a developing number of prosperous people who have exploited modifications in the charges of cryptocurrencies, ICO, mining to earn a fortune. 

       The proprietors of cryptocurrencies who entered the market at an early stage of its formation have considerably accelerated their standard of residing by using realizing that the one who is the first to grasp new technologies and start to actively use the cryptocurrency will benefit from it.

       A new classification of rich people has formed the so-called crypto elite. These are human beings who desire a luxurious lifestyle and hold most of their fortune in cryptocurrency. But it turned out that the service, income, and apartment of goods sectors are developing slower in this area. 

      Just a few luxury items companies receive cryptocurrencies as a price method. This imposes certain boundaries on a wealthy crypto community.
The LUXE agency expects to bridge the gap between the crypto illuminates and suppliers of luxury goods and services. 


        The purpose of the company is to create a global blockchain-based platform, which will allow customers to use solely one service for buying, selling and renting a quantity pinnacle type merchandise in the chosen location of the world, ensuring maximum protection of transactions and confidentiality of data. 


        The principal objective of the agency is to create a handy platform (Luxury Market Place) successful of uniting a giant quantity of partners with a vast range of luxurious goods, and potential customers involved in purchasing/renting such goods.

       After creating a crucial mass of companions (service providers and items suppliers), we will be in a position to provide the widest viable range of items to entice new users, which in turn will notably amplify the customer base of the system.


     We are convinced that the top class items segment is the area that will increase and improve in the near future thanks to IT technologies. 

     There are all stipulations for the luxury property condominium and purchase phase to attain a new stage of development particularly thru the use of Blockchain technologies, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies.


       * Misunderstanding and mistrust: The vital challenge in the market is the misunderstanding and mistrust of the world of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technological information among representatives of the conservative luxurious segment. 

      In part, this is justified and described via the usage of the excessive risks related particularly with the conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat money.

 After all, a middleman is wanted to withdraw a cryptocurrency in euros or dollars. Often, nothing is recognized about the intermediary, and the cash is withdrawn precariously. This helps fraudsters thrive, especially in case of withdrawal of large amounts.

Also when converting cryptocurrencies to fiat money, there are some charges that the owner of the crypto pays;
* paying a transaction fee
* paying a charge to withdraw a forex in fiat money
* transferring money to an effective country
 overhead prices in the shape of taxes and fees when paying in a regular foreign money
       * Fragmented information: So, to sketch their vacation, rich humans have to install countless applications, search for a car, yacht, hotel/apartment condominium offers, and so on a number of websites.
       All this complicates the process and will increase the time wanted to prepare for a tour or enterprise trip, which is unacceptable in the premium segment. Consumers of luxury items are no longer organized to wait and spend a lot of time and energy in making a choice.

     *Transferring personal information to third parties: 
Another problem is associated with the truth that the owners of cryptocurrencies searching for greater privateness than ordinary users. Suppliers of luxurious items and services, however, try to get as much statistics about their customers as feasible in order to structure a customer base, analyse preferences and create personalized offers. Often this facts is resold to third parties, which of path gives rich purchasers a negative impression of the services used. 

     *Brand Devaluation: At the equal time there is a trouble of extra income stimulation on the part of property owners.
The luxurious phase does not use public advertising of reductions and bonuses, as this may also lead to
brand devaluation.   

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We create an avenue making it easy  to buy or rent property, pay for the endeavor and any different luxury goods with cryptocurrencies, the ALLUXE platform acts as a reliable guarantor for various
transactions in cryptocurrencies, lowering the risks of fraud, as properly as the aforementioned costs.

>The ALLUXE platform has a one-stop save principle. Thus, in one application the purchaser can book accommodation, choose a car/plane/yacht for rent, order a car with chauffeur, purchase a luxurious item and so on.

> The platform will ease the process of buying and selling of luxury goods and services, at the same time completing the wish of customers by making them remain anonymous whiles interacting on the platform.

>This answer will be primarily based on the BigData/MachineLearning technology, which helps to discover fascinated customers and make an applicable proposal. 

The hype surrounding cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technological know-how and decentralized computing have no longer subsided. We created a product aimed at helping and growing the luxury goods market and designed to remedy all the key troubles of the industry.


       LuxeCoin will be supplyed on the foundation of the Ethereum platform and utterly comply with the ERC20 standard. The aid of this fashionable guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services, and also ensures ease of integration and is no longer limited only to the platform ecosystem. 
      The aim of Token Sale LXC is to boost the ALLUXE platform and its whole commissioning as shortly as possible. The revenue from the sale of LXC tokens will be used to create the platform and its applications, for operating prices and commercial enterprise deployment globally insure target markets. 
     The LXC token will act as an alternative currency in the system, the price of which will be extremely more profitable than any fiat foreign money or cryptocurrency. For using the token to pay in the service, additional bonuses will be amassed.

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General parameters

 - Token: LuxeCoin (LXC) 

 - Total supply: 220,000,000 LXC 

 - Total for sale: 50% of the total token supply or 110,000,000 LXC
- Adjustable: all unsold tokens will be destroyed by a smart contract
- Fixed cost of 1 token: 0.0004 ETH 

-Exchange: 1 ЕТН = 2,500 LXC 

-Hardcap: 27,500 ETH or $16,500,000

-Softcap: 3,000 ETH or $1,800,000 

-The currencies accepted: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), BCH, Dash.


 1. Private Sale: 2,200,000 LXC (1%). Bonus up to +40%

 2. Pre Sale: 19,800,000 LXC (9%). Bonus up to +25%
 3. Token Sale: 88,000,000 LXC (40%). Bonus up to +15% 

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Bitcointalk Username: Togacity

Telegram: @Togacity

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