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Healthcare has always been a major concern for any human species on planet earth since the existence of man.
 As of today with all the technological advancement thinking access to health care would be cheaper and easy to access, the vice versa is rather happening. 

With the fastest growing technological system framework known as the Blockchain technology, this issue of expensive healthcare and extremely difficult access to healthcare has finally been addressed by visionary and goal focus oriented individuals of Curaizon through an amazing ecosystem using Blockchain Technology.


Curaizon™ is a UK-based organization which was framed in 2016 has created CuraServe™, an answer for enhancing tranquilize adherence also, conveys diversion changing advantages to patients and human services suppliers.

 As our CuraServe™ arrangement helps licenses, it's additionally producing a huge measure of patent information which is then anonymized and made accessible through our CuraData™ stage. Organizations, scholastics, and non-benefits can get to this information by acquiring our CuraTokens™.
 We will end up being a middle for greatness inside the network of human services and pharmaceutical ventures. 

Our esteem based way to deal with a basic, available, yet important trade of information and examination will reform the medicinal services scene.
 Utilizing our agreements with human services suppliers, we can rapidly assemble a biological community of commonly useful partners inside the esteem chain. 

The alpha variant of CuraData™ is operational, so tokens can be utilized instantly after the appropriation. All the while we will work rollout our adherence innovation CuraServe™, over the world. By 2020 we plan to be the worldwide pioneer in tranquilize adherence and patent conduct examination.


Meds are our most cost-effective wellbeing intervention and speak to the first line of protection against perpetual and long-haul conditions.
 Tragically, awfully numerous individuals neglect to take their pharmaceuticals legitimately and the subsequent individual and money related expenses are stunning.

 The World Wellbeing Association expressed, «expanding the viability of adherence mediations may have a far more noteworthy effect on the soundness of the populace than any change in particular medicinal medications.

 Notwithstanding an overall acknowledgment of the reality of the issue and worldwide endeavors to enhance medication adherence, there has been no critical change throughout the previous 30 years.

Below are some facts;
• As indicated by a report distributed by the World Health Organization, just around half of the individuals in the first world nations take their medicines properly
• Medication non-adherence represents more than half of visits to a specialist, 40% of long-haul mind confirmations and over half of healing center readmissions
• Overall medication non-adherence brings about approximately$700 billion in extra human services costs.
• The cost of treating a patent with low adherence is twice that of the patent with high adherence.
• Social insurance costs for non-follower licenses can be as much as $2,000 per patient every year in extra specialist visits alone.

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Our one of a kind information will have the capacity to bring down the immediate cost of medication non-adherence which is estimated to be more than $700 billion for every year. 

In addition, pharmaceutical organizations lose more than $630 billion in income every year to patent non-adherence and the sum lost is expanding by 13% for every year. 

This speaks to a win-win as higher adherence rates break even with higher incomes for pharmaceutical organizations, better results for licenses and impressive investment funds for human services suppliers.

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Quicker time to treatment – With the present colossal patent caseloads, treating patients sooner spares the two lives and medicinal services costs. For human services suppliers, conveying a quick and exact determination and treatment expect them to settle on educated choices rapidly.
 Lessened hospitalizations and readmissions – Outstanding amongst other approaches to control human services costs are to shield licenses from entering the healing facility framework in any case.

 Curaizon's™ information examination apparatuses send programmed cautions to medicinal services suppliers when licenses are going to fall into a pre-feebleness state. 

Furthermore, when CuraServe's™ innovation is utilized by licenses at home and in a hurry, it conveys consistent floods of information that can be observed and dissected progressively to enable them to maintain a strategic distance from hospitalization without anyone else dealing with their conditions.

Enhance specialist execution – The capacity to catch and break down a patient's adherence information, where a correlation exists between nature of care and adherence levels, implies we are capable to feature poor execution, yet additionally identify best-practices crosswise over patent gatherings.
 This information is having a noteworthy effect in optimizing patent results while decreasing medicinal services costs.

Hazard stratification – Our information analytics apparatuses help track and identify the most diseased and most in danger - and often the costliest - licenses in a proactive way. In addition, this predictive the device breaks down other patent hazard factors, for example, sedate efficacy and poor glucose control, in addition, to tranquilize adherence.

Enhanced medication treatment administration – Antagonistic medication occasions torment the present medicinal services framework to the tune of thousands of patent passing and several billions of dollars in cost.

Clinical drug specialists, whose part it is to screen and oversee sedates treatments, are additionally troubled as additional furthermore, more licenses are taking multiple medications. While assuming a crucial part in decreasing patent passing’s, better MTM decreases medicinal services costs through less specialist and crisis room visits, hospitalizations, and readmissions.


ICO for CuraToken is 0.20USD

Stage 1

 June 01, 2018, 12PM June 08, 2018, 12PM

0.20 USD Min purchase - 5,000,000 CuraToken tokens (1,000,000 USD)

 Stage 2

 June 08, 2018, 12PM June 15, 2018, 12PM

0.20 USD Min purchase - 500,000 CuraToken tokens (100,000 USD)

 Stage 3

 June 15, 2018, 12PM June 25, 2018, 12PM

0.20 USD Min purchase - 50,000 CuraToken tokens (10,000 USD)

Stage 4

 June 25, 2018, 12PM September 08, 2018, 12PM

0.20 USD Min purchase - 5,000 CuraToken tokens (1,000 USD)

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