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        Advanced Age. As of now, we see the nearby fuse of genuine and virtual improvements as we probably are aware them, and keeping in mind that it is yet to be resolved whether self-representing, computerized developments will emerge from this new boondocks, the future will without a doubt witness additionally propels in this line of reasoning.
      Despite the fact that, at this phase of its progression, the Web and its constituent social orders are still especially reliant on genuine foundations and spaces, the nuts and bolts are as of now set up for the inevitable development of virtual civic establishments.         Virtual spaces are ending up increasingly free and keeping in mind that they unavoidably stay connected to this present reality, virtual spaces, in any case, give the social underpinnings to the beginning of advanced developments through their assistance of virtual government and economy. 

      Then again, still on advanced development, virtual parsimonies have in like manner built up the potential for the presence of computerized states inside online universes and social populaces. While virtual economies still exist primarily as organizations to genuine economies, rising monetary standards, and globalized financial examples have given the fundamental establishments to free, computerized money related frameworks and early sociopolitical bodies.


       Quantum Pay is a Decentralized and Electronic Banker Engine who fills in as cash-related organizations arrange. As an office dynamically on blockchain apparatus, Quantum Pay uses automated cash as a little charge door to theory, advancing, sponsoring and setting aside extra cash, spreading the impact of money related relationship past their present outlet preparation to the number of people who are unbanked on the planet.

      This likewise conveys individual to-individual wallet handovers, charge consumptions, convenient top-ups, operational shopping, and exchange administrations. 
We utilize Anchored and Ensured associations, high coded encryption and 2-Factor Verification to anchor your experience. 
     What makes this more practical is that it very well may be gotten to likewise disconnected by our SMS administrator. More data will be downloaded after the fantastic dispatch of our Quantum Pay App. This app likewise can pay your providers utilizing QPAY token to any representatives anyplace on the planet. Utilizing Qpay, you can begin tolerating payments today and begin tolerating payments in minutes.

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The first element you have to do is an App wallet. Make your pockets in minutes from our application, no base alternate out sums, and no month to month charges. Quantum Pay app is the place you can put your QPAY token and ethereum too. Before long, overhauled adaptation will incorporate bitcoin and different advanced money. Administrations protected like shop, buy cell phone stack, pay charges, ebook inns, entertainment attributes, and send money to any vast bank or agreement focus - all from our QPAY App.

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> Simple to use and easy transaction: Actualize dealings without the necessity to synchronize with the blockchain and is easy to understand interface
> Self-held Private Keys, Improved Safety: Encoded Private Keys will be stored relentlessly in convenient's neighborhood sandbox structure. It conveys complex organizer reinforcement alternatives, to dodge misfortune or theft of advantages. 
> Market Tracing Signals: Overall market checking of measurements supported by ceaseless synchronization with computerized showcase locales. Adaptable value prepared circumstances will never pass up vital market plans. 
> Can be used online or offline: QPAY App can be gotten to on the web and even not associated with the web, QPAY SMS Administrator will oversee the exchange of the clients.

          Some unique services the QUANTUM PAY platform offers are as follows;

• Wallet Transfers

• Hotel Bookings
• Bill Payments
• Mobile top-ups
• Online Shopping
• Remittance Services
• Game Credits
• Offline Monetary Transmission
• Donations Directed to Foundations
• Currency Conversion
• Mobile Bank Connection


QPAY is an ERC-20 token which will be utilized in Quantum Pay App all in all alternatively moreover overhauls will comprise ETH, BTC and different driving cryptographic cash in a computerized showcase. QPAY will supply a basic, impervious and ground-breaking superior excellent supervision instrument for directors will's identity equipped to rehearse self-sufficiency in wallets arrangement, presenting, secure computerized benefit overseeing, gorgeous contract execution, and constant market apprises.

Token- QPAY
Total Supply-15,000,000,000

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60% - Selfdrop Donation
20% - Development
10% - Team
5% - Bounty Rewards
5% - Community


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