Ubcoin Marketplace is a world mobile marketplace for shopping for and selling actual world items for cryptocurrency.
The range of cryptocurrency holders is projected to make bigger nearly 10-fold, from the contemporary 22 million to 200 million worldwide by 2020. 

      The easiest way to emerge as an owner of cryptocurrency is by using selling goods for crypto. This method will pressure mass adoption in the coming years.
Capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is around $300 billion. 
      The token sale seeks to increase financing to expedite improvement of Ethereum blockchain-based smart contracts, of AI-based screening and KYC technology, and to fund world expansion. 


       Numerous individuals need a straightforward and safe approach to get a stake in cryptocurrency, yet don't know how. They are not diggers, not examiners, just people who see included an incentive in putting resources into cryptocurrency. However, these same individuals are extremely OK with purchasing and offering on eBay, Amazon, WeChat, Etsy, Taobao and such. Cryptocurrency wallets are principally focused on cell phones, with more than 65% of wallets being versatile. 
     Dealers are intrigued to get cryptocurrency for their products. 
Shrewd contracts guarantee that exchanges are seamless, secure, enforceable, straightforward and decentralized. 
    The keen contract innovation permits the Ubcoin Commercial center, to guarantee security, executability, obstinacy and undeniable nature of an exchange, effectively encouraging peer-to-peer exchanges. As control concerning acknowledgment of advanced monetary standards in a B2C field advances, the commercial center will add business dealers and purchasers to its list. The brilliant contracts will obliviate many existing middle people, the bloodsuckers of significant worth chains. 

    The conveyance economy encourages dangerous development as immediate maker to-purchaser exchanges, considering significantly more alluring estimating for both purchaser and vendor. A few exchanges may, later on, require extra KYC/AML techniques for execution of keen contracts for specific sorts of arrangements, including outsider suppliers. 
    We give careful consideration to guaranteeing the authenticity of products and ventures sold on the Ubcoin commercial center. We are building up a propelled AI innovation to help pre-screen merchant postings for any potential encroachments of reason, profound quality, security and due care.

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       The strategy for procuring products by the purchaser is very basic, yet the nearness of shrewd contracts that guarantee consistency by all gatherings with the terms of the exchanges includes additional certainty and unwavering quality. The idiosyncrasy of the Ubcoin Commercial center is that all commissions identified with its utilization, despite the fact that they are generally low, are paid by the dealer of the products (which is extremely reminiscent of the assessment framework in the states), and for the purchaser, the commission is totally truant. 

      In all likelihood, this is because of the way that purchasers of merchandise are those members of the commercial center who pre-buy UBC tokens, and vendors get tokens straightforwardly from the purchasers themselves. 

     Whatever remains of the way toward purchasing merchandise isn't entirely different from purchasing a thing from an online store. The client approaches a broad list of items with the capacity to look by classification. When he finds the vital thing, he has the chance to pay for it with the assistance of UBC tokens. In the meantime, to avoid endeavors to manhandle the stage, a framework that counteracts extortion, approval of clients inside the structure of the KYC (Know Your Client) arrangement, and in addition various other safety efforts will work. 
The video below will even make things easier and simple for your understanding;


# Peer-to-peer interaction: Cut out the same number of delegates from the esteem chain, as could reasonably be expected. The stage encourages shrewd contract execution between autonomous gatherings. The Ubcoin Commercial center does not claim any merchandise deal, it isn't one-sided in its list items, and ensures the reasonableness of keen contract.

#Legal marketplace: The organization takes most extreme measures for the authenticity of products and enterprises on the Ubcoin showcase. Profiles of dealers will be checked, and any potential infringement will be rejected.

#Open community: A few exchanges may, later on, require extra 
KYC/AML methods for execution of shrewd contracts for specific kinds of arrangements including outsider suppliers (i.e. conveyance organizations, messengers, public accountants). 
Ubcoin stage imagines seamless commitment of these gatherings. 

#interfaceOur interface configuration brings an agreeable and seamless experience of purchasing and offering products universally. We will endeavor to open our Programming interface to the network keeping in mind the end goal to build up the best adjustment of the stages for particular neighborhood needs of the worldwide network 

#Cryptocurrency mass adoption: We advance mass selection of computerized resources that are both methods for settlement and a venture vehicle, in this way augmenting benefits for all gatherings to regular purchase and offer communications.

ICO Details

Token - UBC 
Token - April 2 - May 31, 2018 
Price of the token - 0.000089 ETH 
The minimum amount of fees - 2 000 ETH 
The maximum amount of fees - 179 000 ETH 
Total tokens created - 4 000 000 000 UBC


With the above information about UBCOIN MARKET, there is nothing more to say than to tell you that, this is one of the best system in existence. Well thought about the project with a great future.

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