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         In this report, we will disclose to you what is the AvailCom stage, the improvement plans for the not so distant future sustain the makers of the administration, the terms of their execution and the money related part of the venture.
Everybody needs to have an enduring wage from their exercises. Additionally, the situation with the land. What's more, if a man is the proprietor of a few articles, why not utilize and don't lease?
      The meaning of "bar" panics individuals who don't comprehend what it is, and what it's for. Today, it is very hard to sort out and convey another fascinating undertaking to the purchaser: the administration advertise is oversaturated, the opposition is high, while individuals are panicked of endless words - digital forms of money, blockage, nanotechnology.
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         AvailCom is a stage in view of the standards of the balance of members and innovation of blocking. The innovation of bar has been growing very effectively in the course of recent years, it utilizes a great many undertakings engaged with all circles of individuals' lives.
        The AvailCom stage has set itself the undertaking of joining privately owned businesses and people occupied with the rental of land and vehicles based on a solitary stage that works on blocking innovation and is joined by one administration.
        The target of the imaginative square stage is the accessibility of the rental market for all sections of the populace, enhancing the comfort of the administration and anchoring exchanges for the two sides. AvailCom today, not just backings these works yet, in addition, grow new extra chances, utilizing for this innovative advancement and corporate models.


         By consenting to the offered benefit, the client will dependably observe, the individual or organization offers him the picked position. Also, above all, they themselves will check the unreasonable landowners, through an exceptional framework AvaRate. The stage accommodates the likelihood of intrigue free lease if the installment is made by token or digital currency. This technique will permit entering the digital currency into a flow in a shorter period. 

         Installment by some other financial unit will be made considering the commission. Because of the remote administration and keyless access, the rent can be made without the interest of the lessor. The administration advanced by means of the AvailCom stage is accessible in wherever where there is the Web, and the utilization of online interpretation rejects the dialect obstruction notwithstanding for the littlest dialect gatherings.


Token holders get a pay of 20% of the organization's benefit. Installment methodology: toward the finish of every month with an arranged substitution of wallets, 20% of a dispersed benefit of the trade, cash is exchanged to an extraordinary wallet, and afterward the sum is partitioned between "AVL" token holders in understanding with brilliant contract conditions.


Token Price = 0,03$
Total Token Supply = 2 200 000 000$
Hardcap = 25 000 000 $
Softcap = 3 000 000 $
Token ERC20 = AVL
Minimum Purchase = 10$
Maximum Purchase = 5 000 000$
Close Token Sale = 400 000$ or ~800 ETH (13 300 000 AVL) August 2018.
Pre-ICO = 1 300 000$ or ~2600 ETH (43 300 000 AVL) October 2018.
DAICO = 25 000 000$ or ~50 000 ETH (835 000 000 AVL) December 2018.
Currencies accepted = BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH


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Author: Togacity


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