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             BOUNCYCOIN familiarizes the universe of wagering with blockchain. The chief effect of this is to tilt openings from the regular clubhouse and wagering houses and return even with all players. Advancement and applications made will be approved to associations that have successfully worked with their arranged customer base. This movement of the real scene for BOUNCYCOIN and empowers them to work in a 'wagering' business without the prerequisite for an allow running wagering undertakings.
             BOUNCYCOIN intends to be a standard supplier of advancement and new preoccupation applications for club and wagering errands the world over making generally vast improvement space for associations. BOUNCYCOIN intends to absolutely upgrade wagering applications beginning from the most punctual stage giving versatility in playing entertainments where customers control various components. That, notwithstanding BOUNCYCOIN, manufactures comprehensive trust and straightforwardness by using the Ethereum blockchain as the spine for applications and information gathering.


          It has been assessed that around 5% of all adults have indications of issue wagering. Neural states assessed in issue theorists have been stood out from neural states summoned in cocaine dependence. Specifically, issue theorists experience issues with impulsivity in settling on sound wagering decisions. Lottery wagering has seemed to have purchase outlines unsurprising with obsession, in fact, investigate has exhibited that up to 15% of lottery players have signs of issue wagering.
         Different examinations demonstrate that State Supported Lotteries discourage the budgetary soundness of destitute individuals which is horrendous for the general prosperity of society. The lottery's measurement is skewed toward minorities, the less instructed and the destitution stricken — those with insignificant ability to pay for lottery tickets. The lottery has gained mixed ground with its genuine goals and spotlights on the ruined. Anyway, this authorized sort of wagering isn't simply overseen by the state, it is state-bolstered.


          Bouncy Coin will stop the releasing of cash to State-run Lotteries by offering socially masterminded responsibility where individuals can win little proportions of cryptographic cash and prizes and where they make and control the odds of their dedication.


>  Zoom in using the mouse wheel. 

> Put the stakes in the net by crushing once set up and twice to confirm. 

> Turn the scene while holding down the right mouse get. 

> Change the mark off the table by tapping on the drop-down menu arranged on the left 50% of the table. 

> Players present a bet and enter a virtual line. Bets are made in ETH or BOUNCY. 

> If the line isn't filled, the entertainment will never play. 

> In case the line is full, the redirection is played. 

> Line measure, which is equivalent to the most extraordinary whole that a player can win.


            The BOUNCY token will function as a utility entry cost into Bouncy Coin entertainments and as a benefit endpoint for these same token holders. For the present, we will in like manner empower customers to play diversions with ETH. 
           In the Clubhouse accessory circumstance, the Gambling club benefits when players lose and when players win. Exactly when a player wins a redirection, there is a slight cost expelled from the prizes. This cost is passed on to all BOUNCY token holders. Tokens pay a benefit each time *any* player wins despite the way that this benefit isn't paid rapidly. Each time a cost is assembled it will be totaled and passed on.

ICO Statistics

A total of 100 Million BOUNCY tokens will be issued.
10% ( 10 M BOUNCY) - Pre ICO sale
70% ( 70 M BOUNCY) - ICO sale
5% ( 5 M BOUNCY) - Advisors
5% ( 5 M BOUNCY) - Bounty program
10% ( 10 M BOUNCY) - Bouncy Coin Company and Employees


10M tokens will be offered at Pre-ICO.
minimum contribution during Pre- ICO: 5 ETH (Approx. 2500 EUR / 2900 USD)
Pre ICO price = 0.0001 (1 ETH = 10000 BOUNCY)
maximum collected amount: 1000 ETH (Approx. $580k)


70M tokens will be offered at ICO.
minimum contribution during ICO: 0.1 ETH (Approx. 50 EUR / 58 USD)
Two price levels:
First 20M tokens sold:
price = 0.0002 (1 ETH = 5000 BOUNCY)
maximum collected amount: 4000 ETH (Approx. $2.3M)
Next 50M tokens sold:
price = 0.00025 (1 ETH = 4000 BOUNCY)
maximum collected amount: 12500 ETH (approx. $7.25M)
Tokens not sold during the ICO will be burned.

Token distribution

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