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        Quantocoin has built up a cutting-edge show for the eventual fate of money related administrations and computerized managing an account. This model uses Blockchain innovation alongside cell phones and in addition a new sort of bio-distinguishing proof framework which will be utilized to guarantee protected and secure records for every client. Every one of these administrations is associated with the one point; QTC stage, making them more secure and straightforward than at present existing cryptographic money stages. 
       The issue with a significant number of these blockchain contributions is that they offer individualized or corresponding administrations, however not the whole bundle. We plan to give the one of a kind component of free unknown exchanges, while as yet having the capacity to keep up straightforwardness of both; the organization furthermore, venture itself.
We, in this manner, think about this piece of the populace alongside others, our potential customers.
       QTC could conceivably bring individuals out of destitution, as it will give them access to monetary and managing account instruments. These apparatuses will give them quick liquidity and cash usefulness superior to the customary managing an accounting framework. 


 QTC is an open, decentralized cryptographic money unpredictably intended to upset the managing an account segment. QTC is a "one-stop-shop arrangement" serving the part of a basic, programmed and bother free saving money instrument that will be reachable anyplace with access to the web and will be reasonable and simple to use for everybody without any breaking points, in regards to age, ethnicity, instruction or topography. 
QTC isn't just as cash; the venture involves spending and gaining cash, with the accessibility of venture and theory.
QTC is a superb resource with magnificent future liquidity upheld by one of a kind loaning QTC convention. Exchanges are done with lightning speed leaving no requirement for a way to store cash, as all are accessible P2P or B2B, making these exchanges available to everybody.
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We are building up another budgetary task which depends on Blockchain innovation, utilization of versatile innovation and bio-recognizable proof frameworks. We don't wish to draw in just financial speculators, blessed messengers or seeds financial specialists to fund our item. We, in this way, utilize the remarkable qualities of a crowdfunding procedure which we have deliberately part into 2 stages – and DTO .
Furthermore, even in kept money districts, there are no less than 1.5 billion individuals who don't approach present day managing an account because of missing types of recognizable proof, or that don't generally satisfy all the prerequisites of managing an account administration.
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. Limited capacity to make installments with digital money 
• Exchange misfortunes coming about because of the high unpredictability of the quick market 
• Perplexing and expensive process 
• Offering any digital currency on-request will result in high misfortunes 


QTC manage an account with QTC saving money stage as the last phase of QTC task will bring arrangement by giving digital currencies to standard ordinary clients.


Due to utilizing blockchain innovation and favorable circumstances of cryptographic forms of money which could not be coordinated by the customary saving money framework and FIAT monetary standards.


This is a non-administrative method for raising assets for another organization of cryptographic esteem.
Qunatocoin innovation and stage in order to give full access to better money related administrations for the kept money and unbanked areas of the world.
We trust that in the digital currency time, with enormous media and social scope, there is a quickly rising enthusiasm for blockchain innovation and the ICO is the most ideal approach to raise capital for building up this task.

Price per token is $1 =1 token


ICO started 11th December 2017 (UTC 00:00) and ended 28 February 2018 (UTC 23:59)



 • Start: 1 st July 2018 
 • Duration: 10 Months
 • Total Token Allocated: 70 Million 
 • Periods: 10
 • Each Period Duration: 28 days
 • Settlement Period: 2(3) days
 • Outside FCA Regulatory Scope
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