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          Day in and day out a lot of people are trying to find remedies to the issues and challenges in the healthcare industry but it seems to be worse all the time. The brick and motorway of some of solving these problems have always failed but with the new era of the blockchain technology and the love people now have for the cryptocurrency, combining the two will take the healthcare industry far and that's what The Apollonia ecosystem is all about. This is a dream come through and unprecedented for the health industry.


         Apollonia is a solitary ecosystem which furnishes every industry member not just with an opportunity to discover different members and speak with them however with a major cloud to store furthermore, deal with his information and other wellbeing related undertakings. What's more, the framework has as of now been coordinated into medicinal gadgets.
The organization likewise plans to make its own arm jewelry, shoes, and chips.
        In the course of recent years, our group has built up a framework for centers and their business process overseeing and actualized it in a few essential medicinal businesses. We began from the most requested restorative zones, for example, cardiology, pediatrics, dentistry.
Be that as it may, besides the issues related with absolutely client related issues, there are worries about a client information security.
        The HIPAA, the GDPR and the PIPA are for the most part acknowledged principles to capacity, process, and exchange of individual restorative information, as per which the whole specialized engineering of the task is manufactured.
That is the reason when building up the specialized engineering of our task, we paid the greatest consideration not exclusively to the security of individual information yet in addition to the points of interest of putting away the whole restorative history, which can involve many gigabytes of memory because of the substantial size of X-beam pictures, X-ray, and so on.


The objective of the undertaking is to build up the Apollonia medicinal biological system and as an outcome to enhance therapeutic administrations quality.
It will be picked up by:
# convenient restorative information administration from a solitary secure area;
# personal information security;
# ensuring an anchored collaboration between all industry members which will in like manner increment the level of solace and chargebacks.

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* making a solitary stage to streamline inward procedures of different circles of therapeutic action and advantageous correspondence with patients.
* making a computerized space which will all-inclusive build up a restorative tourism.
* covering pharmaceutical administrations request on a worldwide scale.
* giving chances to insurance agencies, medications, and restorative items providers, inquire about focuses, pharmaceutical organizations and attorneys to interface unreservedly with centers, specialists, and patients in the human services administrations showcase.


The venture objective is to sort out conditions to enhance and improve medicinal administrations by:
#Positively impact the development of a normal measurable level of soundness of all of humankind.
#Provide conditions that are outfitted to existing social insurance needs of both wellbeing items/administrations clients and providers.
#The thought of computerizing and streamlining of all procedures of patients' connection with specialists, centers and different suppliers of therapeutic administrations is obvious for every potential client of the framework.


There are numerous challenges in the healthcare industry but below some vital ones the Apollonia ecosystem seeks to address;
                                         * Discontinuity of restorative information in various frameworks 
                                         * The absence of therapeutic information showcase 


* Systematization of data in a solitary 
                                                  * The incorporated market of medicinal information


Below are some special offers you can benefit from the Apollonia ecosystem.
1. Gives customized instruments to every member of the therapeutic business;
2. Gives the capacity to rapidly discover specialists, centers, insurance agencies, pharmaceuticals, therapeutic data;
3. Guarantees the protected collaboration of clients;
4. Ensures consistency with assertions between clients through keen contracts;
5. Gives solid and quick exchanges by Apollo coin, and in addition installment in any helpful fiat money Issues.


ICO begins on 15.11.2018
Name of Token: Apollonia Healthcare
Token Code: APOLLO
Total Supply: 2 500 000 000 APOLLO
APOLLO Token Price: 1 APOLLO = 0.03 USD
Accepted currencies: (BTC, ETH, BCC, EOS, ONT)


          This is what the healthcare industry has been waiting for and going through the whitepaper I can say with a fact that this project is promising and a must invest. Above all, please try and get some additional information about it before investing and also know that the crypto market is a volatile market.
For information about this great project in order to stay up to date about things concerning Apollonia, please click the links below;

Website: https://apollonia.io/?utm_source=bitcointalk.com&utm_medium=topic

Whitepaper: https://apollonia.io/doc/whitePaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/ApolloniaOfficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/realapollonia

Medium: https://medium.com/@apolloniahealthcare

Author: Togacity
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APOLLONIA - Healthcare ecosystem

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