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           ArtPro is making the go-to commercial center for private merchants and contemporary craftsmen, with a solid spotlight on rising ability. The ArtPro stage will open the craftsmanship world to the majority, making it feasible for anybody to find and buy artistic work on the web without the over the top expenses, mediators, and soak expectation to learn and adapt that have customarily made workmanship accessible to just to the favored and the very much associated. 
Authentications of provenance, put away on the blockchain, bear witness to the validness of each work of art on the ArtPro stage, yet that is just the start. 
           ArtPro shapes a total biological community in which customary and contemporary workmanship 
bridles digital money, keen contracts, and enlarged reality to make an open stage that backings everybody from rising craftsmen to first-time financial specialists. Through associations with displays that are working with rising craftsmen, ArtPro's MVP will dispatch populated with contemporary works that can be respected and gained quickly. Purchasers have the alternative to storing buys in a protected office for venture purposes or to have them dispatched to an area of their decision.


         Workmanship(Art) serves two capacities: as an item for venture purposes and as a collectible for its stylish esteem. These utilization cases are not fundamentally unrelated and there is a huge level of cover. The way things are, workmanship gathering is restricted to a first class subset of financial specialists with the learning and riches to partake in the market. 
        The standardized idea of the craftsmanship commercial center has seen the purchasing and offering of work of art ruled by closeout houses whose plan of action has barely changed in decades. While different enterprises, for example, the share trading system, have developed with the times, workmanship houses have neglected to develop and have been abandoned.

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         Past the energy about workmanship for its stylish esteem, provenance is vital to any authority who esteems its history, legitimacy and monetary worth.
The word provenance is gotten from the Latin 'expert venire', signifying 'to approach'.
         In principle, provenance ought to give what is known as a 'chain of title', a trail of documentation supporting the roots, proprietorship, and legitimacy of a piece with confirmed and traceable data from trustworthy sources. Provenance represents nearly the whole money related estimation of a thing since it is the most imperative pointer of realness. While valid Picasso depictions, Estate Margaux wine, and Rolex watches are for the most part very attractive and profitable, their imitation partners are basically useless, making provenance the essential hazard for proprietors of craftsmanship. 
         In 2018, a French historical center found 82 works credited to the craftsman Étienne Terrus, representing the greater part of its gathering, to be phony. In that capacity, the victor in the workmanship showcase is probably going to be an answer that can break the provenance issue and set up the biggest database of verified works. Settling these issues will convey a level of straightforwardness to a market that is famously hazy. 

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         ArtPro does not maintain to singularly tackle the majority of the issues distressing the craftsmanship industry. The most unmistakable appearance of this will be the ArtPro site and dApp, which frame a data-rich gateway for getting to a total suite of assets for craftsmanship enthusiasts. Instruction and access to contemporary workmanship are given through a scope of media assets including articles, instructional exercises, and recordings. Designers are allowed to make dApps based upon the ArtPro convention, and a reward store will boost the improvement of praiseworthy tasks. 

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* Specialists and merchants make their profile 
* New passages are transferred onto the blockchain or existing works can be recovered from the blockchain and recorded on the commercial center 
* Forthcoming purchasers can channel and pursuit as they would a customary online shop 
The market will include a rating framework for every single recorded piece tending to the following inquiries: 
– Does it have finish provenance? 
– Does it just have incomplete adventure history/records? 
– Is there confirmation of presence on the blockchain for the craftsman? 
– What is the state of the work? 
The purchaser would then be able to settle on an educated choice with finish confidence in the evaluations framework as an obtaining standard, giving them the certainty to purchase on the web.


Token name: APT 
 Token type + designation: ERC20,utility
  The number of tokens minted: 500,000,000 
 Unsold tokens : Burned
Public sale price: $0.15 
 Pre-sale price : $0.1 
Accepted currencies : ETH
Soft/Hard cap: $5m/$20m
Team lockup Advisor lockup   12-month cliff, two-year vesting 
Avisor Lockup: Three-month cliff, six-month vesting

 Token Distribution


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