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          Ethershift is an organization that empowers customers to quickly and adequately exchange between different ERC20 tokens at the market rate short a cost, without encountering the issue of joining at an exchange or learning well-ordered guidelines to use a decentralized exchange like IDEX. Decentralized exchanges like IDEX are dazzling, at any rate, a lot of typical computerized cash examiners feel like they are unnecessarily befuddled, and in this way, an extensive proportion of phenomenal endeavors never get the presentation they justify. Ethershift is making the path toward obtaining the best and best in class tokens less requesting than at some other time. Ethershift has no records, assembles 0 customer data, and does not do KYC. 


          To exchange tokens, customers send a motivator to an unprecedented location (which shows the sort of token they should need to get back) and the exchanged regard will be sent back to them at the location they sent the main tokens from. This customer experience is executed by fulfilling the exchange using hot wallets, and subsequently later mirroring the trade (at an in a perfect world proportionate rate) on an exchange, and discontinuously re-changing the exchange/hot wallets. 

          Ethershift takes a cut of advantage (half of it as the data token, half of it as the yield token) to speak to the peril of the exchange rate advancing. Outcasts can organize Ethershift into their own structures and get a half cut of the advantage by methods for the Ethershift Programming interface. The back-end advantage is an application written in Center JS, running on Amazon EC2. To get to the Ethereum arrange, a full center point is presented on the server and the back-end advantage talks with it through its JSONRPC Programming interface. The organization uses a SQL database to screen benefits. 


After a tokens ICO is done, the tokens are typically sent to the monetary experts rapidly. Posting on genuine exchanges takes a lot of time and money and is for the most part, not a fast system in case it ever happens using any and all means. A pack of decentralized exchanges has flown up that mull over first access to these tokens, at any rate, they are difficult to use for the typical theorist. Since the method to get these tokens seems, by all accounts, to be hard to the typical buyer, most will basically not get them and sit tight for them to be recorded on more noteworthy exchanges, and by then, they have formally left behind gigantic increases. Ethershift records forefront tokens That day they're released from their ICO and open accessible. 


The Ethershift administration will furnish its treasured customers with the accompanying particular highlights; 

* All upheld ERC20 Tokens expansion to ETH 
* A wallet that all benefits would be sent to 
A limit an incentive for each bolstered ERC20 token (and "ETH"). 
* An overall revenue 
*  Measure of Tokens to be kept in the hot wallet and trade wallet.
Type: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Maximum Supply: 15,000,000
Hard cap: 2,500Eth
Pre Sale
23rd August to 30th September
Token price
1ETH= 600Ethershift tokens
Available Tokens: 1.5million
Main Sale(Stage 1)
5th to 18th Nov.
Hard cap: 6,250ETH
Token Price
1Eth = 400Ethershift tokens
Available Tokens: 2.5 million
Stage 2
3rd to 16th Dec
Hardcarp: 25,000Eth
Token price
1Eth = 200Ethershift tokens
Available Tokens: 5 million
In conclusion, I would say with the above distinct features and also the info provided, you can now take a decision for yourself if this is best for you. If you are still not convinced, then there would be links to their website, whitepaper etc for further information in order to make an informed decision. But I can say this without fear that this is one of the best projects I have ever come across.
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