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          Akasic Worldwide is a phase that is a cross-organize, cross-stage, combination and utilization of Blockchain development and man-made thinking (AI) development with incredible advances and features made by a gathering of Best pros arranged in Korea.
         Masternet is a cross-stage budgetary stage that is a networking venture produced for the Akasic Worldwide undertaking and intended for more noteworthy combination with other Blockchain ventures that need genuine clients to serve. The day by day request of an extensive and prosperous network. 


         To advance the improvement and acknowledgment of Blockchain specifically and increment the effectiveness of the world when all is said in done by conveying solid and solid networks to potential and viable Blockchain ventures, guaranteeing they remain and flourish while profiting everybody in the meantime. 
         Right now, assembling a solid network for the Akasic Worldwide Task is our essential objective with the objective of making 50 million clients for the worldwide Akasic biological system and putting the Pound coin to 10 messages. Top with the biggest capitalization.

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          Right off the bat, we fabricate solid and sound networks that are appropriate for the Akasic System environment and also other various types of undertakings.
Obviously, based on the necessities of those Blockchain tasks' we will instruct our networks in like manner.
          At long last, the Masternet people group will be compensated with an extent of the Akasic System biological community income and also other activities' income, at first, the income will be created from the exchange charges when our networks utilize Crush to make installments, exchange digital currencies, do shopping, transfer money,... And after that, toward the finish of consistently, that income is incompletely circulated to enlisted Squash holders who bolt a measure of Squash tokens in like manner to the bundle that they pick contrasted with all enrolled Squash holders, while the other part is utilized for the task activity what's more, advancement. For instance, in the event that you the bundle you bought is esteemed at 1% of the add up to the valuation of every enrolled bundle, you will get 1% of the benefit. 

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* Akamess: this is long range relational correspondence organize affiliation multichannel facilitated clearly in the exchange, interfacing customers together to work together, including fast help assemble furthermore interface significantly quickly empower you to unwind You can in like manner exchange resources, for instance, money trade, advance and send encoded assets with just two or three snaps. 

* Akatrade: empower customers to trade trades, trade coin with snappy speed, can accomplish countless consistently, not blocked, empowering customers to react to publicize changes. 

* Akabot: This is AI man-made mental ability, it will be an astute master reliant on the data it gets from you inciting on market designs, putting advantage change headings.

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Token Name: MASH
Platform:  ERC20(Ethereum)

Total Supply: 200,000,000 MASH


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