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           Hello my lovely readers around the globe, I come your way today with an unprecedented project in the history of the gaming and lottery industry called NEOGAME. Unlike all other games and lottery, the main aim is to make money and due to this fact operators finds their way to manipulate users to make a fortune out of it. This particular project does not do all these things, hence making it one of a kind. Stay tuned and keep on reading to know more.


          This venture is intended to upset the revenue driven model of betting. We are kick-beginning this procedure and we firmly trust all betting will move to a non-benefit show later on. Since blockchain was created, individuals can play with one another straightforwardly, without any coordinators and delegates. There is not anymore any motivation to play lotteries and different recreations that serve another person's advantages.
         The association of and interest in betting may accompany certain moral issues.
As per the National Chamber on Issue Betting, 1% of the US populace experiences an obsessive reliance on betting, and up to 3%can be said to be issue gamers. Problem gamers are a noteworthy wellspring of cash in the industry, and this will proceed insofar as betting remains a beneficial business.

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* Completely self-governing: In light of Ethereum shrewd contracts, the lottery will exist as long as blockchain exists. It doesn't require incorporated administration, it will simply assemble assets from tickets sold and disseminate them all among champs as indicated by a reasonable and clear calculation. Neogame won't serve any recipients: no one approaches its supports other than by effectively speculating WINNING lottery numbers. 

* Adaptable Big Stakes: Neogame will work utilizing Ticket Tokens (TKT) as both lottery tickets and prize store cash. The supply is constrained to 500 million tokens, and we will work to build their esteem. At the point when tokens esteem develops, the prize store develops relatively. On the off chance that token esteem increments fundamentally, the big stake size can be colossal. 

* Zero Commission: No lottery on the planet offers such conditions for players as Neogame. It gives every single raised store to victors, while different lotteries, for the most part, leave half of the assets for themselves and their tasks. In addition, it's up to 7 times more inclined to win a big stake with Neogame than with most well-known lotteries. It is completely unknown and champs can take their prizes instantly.
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          * Supply is restricted: TKT supply is restricted to 500 million units and no further tokens can be issued as indicated by the shrewd contract terms. In the event that the amusement picks up fame, the token conversion standard should increment, as happens each time on any market when expanded interest meets constrained supply. 

         * We get them back: The token sale hard top is about $40M in Ether. Just up to $2M are dispensed to programming improvement, posting on trades, advertising, and lawful counsel. The rest of the assets (up to $38M) will be spent on buyback of TKT tokens to shape the underlying prize reserve. The buyback will be done at the swapping scale and won't stop until the point that everything is spent. This should have an incredible constructive outcome on the tokens' conversion scale. 

        * Unsurprising vacillations: Ticket Tokens esteems ought to typically go all over. They will most likely have a tendency to develop between big stake wins as the prize store develops and fewer tokens are accessible in free flow. What's more, they will prone to decline in an incentive after somebody wins a big stake and pitches all the prize to different monetary forms.


Soft cap: ETH 2,000.
 Hard cap: ETH 100,000.

Token Distribution and Fund Allocation

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