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         Swiss Alps Vitality AG (SAE) – the organization Swiss Alps Vitality AG (SAE) is Swiss Alps Mining and Vitality's working business. Individuals from the group originate from fields, for example, blockchain innovation, digital currency mining and hyper ledger applications designers and pros, and structural architects, framework architects, and vitality specialists. 
The group has effectively created and propelled a few items, arrangements and applications based on the blockchain innovation. 
        The organization is right now experiencing the application stage altogether to wind up an individual from a Swiss self-administrative association (SRO). 
Swiss Alps Vitality AG is a disseminated record based vitality provider and an administrator of adaptable measured mining foundations that are planned for longterm stationery utilize. Along these lines, SAE jelly the previously mentioned unused structures in the Swiss alps, what's more, utilizes them sensibly and without impedance with either fabricating structure or nature.


         Out of its special position as an accomplished Swiss supplier of blockchain innovation and hyper ledger-based business applications, Swiss Alps Mining and Vitality endeavors to: 
• advance blockchain innovation, what's more, its uses to a more extensive open 
• give customers/outsiders the decentralized foundation to develop their own blockchain-based tasks 
• address environmental issues related to crypto mining around the world 
• bolster the nearby economy in Swiss high territories and encourage the advanced change in these regions 
• be a power provider utilizing the appropriated record innovation

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* SAM Power Plants: By methods for direct cooperation in or the buy of green power plants, for example, hydropower plants, photovoltaic frameworks, and wind control plants, SAE does not purchase but rather create the economical and cost-proficient capacity to work the SAM Solid shapes. Plants. The vitality created is conveyed to SAE's own blocks or lobbies, which end clients/diggers can likewise outfit with their own mineworkers. In any case, the particular vitality act does not take into account the supply of capacity to private families. 
         In stage two, SAM Power Net will be propelled: on a distributed stage, vitality makers and vitality shoppers are united. This permits end clients to buy vitality straightforwardly and at lower than market-based costs. The utilization of SAM tokens will institutionalize and disentangle the present power industry. 
SAE gets information on the power created and expended, and in addition the individual vitality cost. This data is put away on the blockchain and along these lines straightforward and unmistakable. 
We are persuaded that the up and coming age of power matrices will be keen and adaptable. They will likewise be sustained by private sustainable power source suppliers through the decentralized network.
* SAM Cubes: The adaptable and secluded mining 3D squares give front-line computerization and require little support. Notwithstanding very effective ventilation units, there is a Natural Rankine Cycle framework, or, in other words, the venture stage. ORC frameworks utilize the waste warmth of mechanical procedures to create power and subsequently utilize the waste warmth produced by the mining procedure to recuperate vitality. 
      SAM Blocks are situated at high elevation, which encourages the procedure of vitality recuperation, as height brings down the breaking point of water. No extra cooling frameworks are required in outside temperature of up to 30 degrees Celsius. SAE's ORC framework is an unmistakable component that prompts a decrease of vitality utilization of up to half contrasted with other mining offices. Swiss Alps Vitality AG is the primary organization worldwide to utilize an ORC framework to recoup vitality from waste warmth from mining offices. 
      TH/s and a few GPU rigs with an aggregate limit of  ETH and 22 bitcoin are stamped every year. SAM Unit 2 ensures twice this figure, with an aggregate limit of in excess of 3300 TH/s and 10`000 MH/s, separately. Essential note: The primary SAM 3D shapes have been outfitted with digging rigs for the mining of ETH and bitcoin.

* SAM Smart Mining – samaiX: SAE clients have the alternative to join SAM Brilliant Mining, likewise alluded to as samaiX. SamaiX, SAE's restrictive man-made consciousness, consistently computes the coins are most gainful to mine, and afterward influences proposals for mineworkers with the goal that they to can change their mining as needs are. Keen Mining, their profile is fueled by samaiX, which tracks and takes in their cases with the end goal for samaiX to have the capacity to make suitable enhancement recommendations. In the event that a client affirms the recommendation, samaiX will change their mining tasks to the particular coins. 
          SamaiX does not act self-rulingly; it is a Choice SamaiX assesses varieties in costs and market volume to gauge free market activity and to furnish clients with the most ideal alternatives. News about single coins is yet to be incorporated into the anticipating procedure.

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Token name: sam Token
Platform: ERC20 Ethereum
Token private sale – 14’583’333 Sam
Token private sale – tier one
 Price per token: $0.30
 8’333’333 Sam at $0.30 = $2’500’000 (6.95%)
 Token private sale – tier two
 Price per token: $0.40 
6’250’000 Sam at $0.40 = $2’500’000 (5.22%)
Token main sale – tier one
 Price per token: $0.50
 50`000`000 Sam at $0.50 = $25`000`000 (33.07%)
 Token main sale – tier two
 Price per token: $0.60 
12’500`000 Sam at $0.60 = $7`500`000 (9.92%) 
Token main sale – tier three
 Price per token: $0.70
 10`714`286 Sam at $0.70 = $ 7`500`000 (9.92 %)
 Token main sale – tier four
 Price per token: $0.80
 9`375`000 Sam at $0.80 = $ 7`500`000 (9.92% %) 


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