The organization was established in 2014 by TechCrunch Disturb War zone Graduated class, Maria Luna, MBA what's more, Dr. Hector Rodriguez. 21 while Maria holds an Ace of Business Organization from the College of Texas in Austin. Together, they have propelled a few new companies in innovation, showcasing and the restorative field. BRAVO's base reasonable item was constructed and propelled at TechCrunch Upset San 1,000 urban areas in the Unified States.
          The BRAVO beta adaptation was as of late highlighted on ABC's Shark Tank in November 2017 where BRAVO handled an arrangement on the show.
BRAVO's fruitful beta test an organization is because of our locale incorporation into the input process and consolation of individuals and clients to help with making the ideal installment answer for everybody. 
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* All inclusive, we are moving to a cashless society, yet billions of individuals are unbanked and must depend on money to gain a living and to pay for merchandise and administrations. 

*The digital currency remains to a great extent blocked off to a great many people and organizations due to its multifaceted nature. 

*Mass selection of existing blockchain installment stages has been adversely influenced by their structure and absence of easy to use interfaces. They have a confounded onboarding procedure and key administration framework and miss the mark in terms of secrecy and security. Exchange charges can be costly and the stages ease back because of high latency.16 16 This complex and now and again awkward client encounter swears off the straightforwardness and quality of the blockchain innovation. 

* Protection and security of installments and individual information keeps on stressing customers. Blockchain appears as though an answer however usage is hard and exchanges conceivably traceable.

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*After demonstrated accomplishment with portable fiat exchanges, our group started creating our blockchain stage to run the BRAVO portable installments application and support upgraded obscurity and security, enhanced digital currency wallet join and onboarding process, and a basic Stick gets to the code that enhances convenience. Since propelling our MVP and beta form in the U.S., our group concentrated on making strides onboarding, KYC/AML consistency, information encryption, tokenization, and security.

* With the BRAVO application, there is no requirement for long open or private keys or outsider caretakers of keys or assets. Clients have a basic however secure secret word recuperation convention to guarantee full control and access to their tokens and reserves. BRAVO keeps running on a restrictive blockchain stage made by our designing group to upgrade security, uprightness, and usefulness. We made an In secret Installments convention as an answer for upgraded protection.  

* Clients have full control of protection, assets, and installments which are executed in seconds without middle person bank or outsider blockchain stages and no shrouded expenses. BRAVO is likewise intended to coordinate with, and control other applications. 

* The BRAVO blockchain is the summit of long periods of research, client input, plan, and building. Blockchain innovation will enable BRAVO to scale at a quicker rate and oblige a substantially bigger client base. It does not just upgrade client namelessness and exchange straightforwardness, however, it additionally expands the relevance and reaches by growing the BRAVO biological system all around with a single stage that is consistent and reliable.


* Unknown fiat or crypto installments consistently in seconds fueled by a versatile mixture blockchain. 

* Discover clients adjacent with a geolocation or look specifically by username or private code. 

* Crossover blockchain permits rotating from customary blockchain to mysterious blockchain on-request with Undercover installments convention for extra security. 

* BVO token arrangement prepared to do any sort of installment including tipping, small-scale installments, and full-scale installments. 

* Assets and installments are recorded (stored) on client's BRAVO account instantly (low inertness) after an exchange. Exchanges recorded on the BRAVO blockchain can't be modified or altered. 

* Basic record confirmation and recuperation convention to guarantee full control what's more, access to tokens and assets 100% of the time.

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Token Name: BVO
Token Type: ERC-20
 Total Token Amount: 1,000,000,000
 % of Tokens on Sale: 50% 
Token Sale Period: TBA
 Token Price: $0.10
Hard Cap: $34,700,000
 Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC & USD
Accepted Nationalities: Any except the People’s Republic of China, Singapore, USA & Canada.

ICO Private Main-Sale 

Phase 1
Token: BVO 
Discount: 45% 
Price: $0.055

Phase 2
Token: BVO 
Discount: 35%
Price:  $0.065

ICO Public Main-Sale

Phase 1
Token:  BVO
Discount: 20%
Price:  $0.08

Phase 2
Token: BVO 
Discount: 15% 
Price: $0.085 
Phase 3
Token:  BVO 
Discount: 5%
Price:  $0.095
 Phase 4
Token: BVO
Discount:  0%
Price:  $0.10

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