ICECHAIN - High-Throughput Transactional System



           Through utilizing the most up to date innovation including utilizing shards, lceChain will have the capacity to scale as need and furthermore have the capacity to deal with any measure of dispersion. Utilizing this model, lceChain will have the capacity to offer high-throughput blockchain clients are as of now searching for; something sheltered, quick and modest (if not free) to execute on. Since the stage will keep running on a distributable system, it will permit the ICH coin to coordinate into normal buy exchanges, offering a decentralized and quick administration. 


          Cross-shard exchanges will have the capacity to be made in a consistent way which will give an abnormal state of value inside the experience to clients. Security will be kept up at a similar abnormal state paying little mind to how huge the stage scales. Just a limited measure of data is fit for being spared into any single square, which is the thing that causes the more extended time holds up in the blockchain. Value-based outcomes will make affirmations in the record before the square being mined with the end goal to achieve the fundamental verification of work.
         In light of this, lceChain works under a kind of 'partition and overcome' approach that will isolate the above capacities more than two separate layers. This will take into account an abnormal state of versatility while the security levels are fittingly kept up all through the scaling. By utilizing a flexible sharding layer, little shards in the blockchain can be recorded in the layers. This implies as the shard numbers increment, the preparing capacity likewise increments, making expanded frameworks limit through simultaneous activities of the two layers. Extra shards can be upheld on the stage that is able to do autonomously preparing distinctive exchange subsets.

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* lceChain keeps up a flat versatility choice, running every hub as a full hub which makes indistinguishable security against assaults from what a customary blockchain offers. 
* lceChain organize was planned from the start in view of this adaptability highlight, so it will run easily and will offer high throughput. 
* The lceChain organize is sheltered and very much secured by half hash control conveyance.


         Sharding occurs with information is divided from a bigger database to a few little databases. The ordinarily utilized the sharding strategy for concentrated frameworks is for meeting versatility. At the point when this sort of sharding isn't anticipated at the beginning, nonetheless, there is an issue in keeping up a similar dimension of security that recently existed. Without getting ready for versatile security at the beginning, the framework winds up weaker and more inclined to dangers when different exchanges hit the stage in the meantime. There can be an exchange off for more established stages that did not anticipate security versatility, with the end goal to effectively make a blockchain.


GAS: 150,000
ICO start date: 16 November 
ICO end date: 21 November 
ICO Token Price: 1ETH=16,700 ICHX
Hardcap : 11976ETH
Minimum Contribution: 0.1ETH
GWEI : 25
CONTRACT: 0xa573661b5fb2063d7ab12336ee24589f7a79fdab 
TOTAL SUPPLY: 1 000 000 000 ICHX

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Author: Ohene Kena Williams

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